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How To Change A Switch

1st Turn off the power to the circuit your working on

2nd Verify the circuit is off with a voltage meter/tester

3rd Remove your switch and make sure you note the current position of the existing wiring

4th Terminate the new switch just like the old switch & install to the box and place wall plate

5th Turn breaker back on and check switch for correct operation


* The above is for a simple single pole switch which should have (3) terminals, In the event you have more wires this may be where you should call your local proffesional

* Remember don't be upset when your electrician fixes an issue that you have been trying to complete yourself in 10 minutes, He has developed the know how over his career so he or she can be good at what they do. When you get the invoice remember your paying for the Service & Many years of experience to be good at what we do!

Thank You

William A Perry


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